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Galit Liffshiz & Associates provides assessment services that provide the basis for rehabilitation and recovery.
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Assessment Services

Attendant Care

Form #1 and retro-active attendant care assessment.

OT In Home Functional Assessment

Housekeeping, caregiver and other benefits.


Using standardized tests to assess attention, memory, organization,  spatial perception, executive skills, behaviour and other cognitive functions.

Job Site

Includes visits to the client’s job site, pictures from the client’s work place and meeting with the employer to discuss return to work.

Future Care Costs

Our therapists are trained and certified to complete Future Care Cost analysis and Life Care Planning for all age groups and diagnoses.

Psychological Assessment

By a registered psychologist for the purpose of diagnostic and treatment at home and in clinic.

OT Catastrophic Assessment / Situational Assessment

Our OT’s passed the certification examanitaion on AMA 4th and AMA 6th edition and are conducting OT CAT Assessment as one visit or 2-3 days situational assessments at the client’s home and close community.

This is combined with a physician review and signature on OCF19 on the following CAT criterions:

  • GOS/GOS-E (at 6 and 12 months)
  • SCIM and upper and lower extremity functional evaluation (from 3 months post and on)
  • Mental and Behavioral criterion (AMA 4th and 6th Edition)

Social Work

Registered social workers provide in-depth assessment of the client’s emotional and social status as well as the ability to cope with impairments.

Readiness to return to Work

This assessment is completed by an OT and establishes the client’s current functional abilities in relation to his or her essential work duties at the pre-accident workplace. The OT develops a return to work plan that may start with a volunteer placement and will gradually develop to a full return to work in collaboration with the client and the employer.

Comprehensive Vocational Assessment

Conducted by a trained and certified vocational counsellor, this in-depth assessment employs a battery of standardized vocational tests in order to gain insight into a client’s specific abilities and employability potential following an accident or injury.


For Slip and Fall injuries, Malpractice, complex cases, and issues in dispute.