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Galit Liffshiz & Associates provides assessment services that provide the basis for rehabilitation and recovery.
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Treatment Services

Occupational Therapists

Experience in treating clients with brain injury, spinal cord injury and a wide array of other complex impairments. Treatment includes increased participation in return to activities of daily living, assistive device recommendations and home modifications. Our OTs are equipped with the latest assessment tools for the objective evaluation of injuries and care, and are proficient at developing treatment plans for improved function.

Our OTs are CBT trained and conduct this service within their scope of practice.

Case Managers

Provide rehabilitation counseling to the client and family, act as a liaison for the insurer, and ensure effective communication between all members of the rehabilitation team.

Cognitive Treatment

Using standardized tests to assess attention, memory, organization, vision, executive skills, behaviour and other cognitive functions.

PGAP Certified Occupational Therapists

PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program) certified therapists for assisting clients in reducing disability associated with pain, depression and other chronic health conditions.

Rehabilitation Support Workers (RSW)

Experience in treating clients with brain injury, spinal cord injury and a wide range of complex impairments.

Treatment is provided by:

  • Behavioural therapists specializing in anger management therapy
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction trained therapists
  • Cognitive remediation and compensation strategy trained therapists
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) trained therapists
  • Aqua therapists
  • Personal trainers
  • Kinesiologists

In-Home and Community Neuro-Physiotherapists

Assessment and treatment of clients in the area of sensation, muscle tone, coordination, movement, balance, strength, gait and endurance. The PT is developing an exercise program at the gym, which is then supervised by the RSWs.

Social Workers

Trained and skilled at supporting clients and families with their emotional reaction to the trauma associated with injury and assisting them to cope and develop coping strategies.

Driver Rehabilitation – “Road to recovery”

Treatment is provided by an occupational therapist with additional training in driving rehabilitation. Treatment approaches include use of a driving simulator and cognitive remediation therapy.

Readiness to return to Work

This assessment is completed by an OT and establishes the client’s current functional abilities in relation to his or her essential work duties at the pre-accident workplace. The OT develops a return to work plan that may start with a volunteer placement and will gradually develop to a full return to work in collaboration with the client and the employer.

In-Home Massage Therapists

Registered massage therapists trained in the areas of orthopedic injuries and chronic pain.