Who We Are

Who We Are

GLA Rehab is a dynamic and evolving team of rehabilitation professionals that work with clients and families in their homes, communities, workplaces, or schools, as we believe that rehabilitation should be done in the client’s familiar environment.

We aim to improve safety, productivity, meaningful routines, and independence with daily function.

We provide a client-centered approach and support clients’ and families’ priorities. We ensure that clients and their families are actively involved in the rehabilitation process and in setting treatment goals.

We maintain high standards of assessments and treatment tools, and ensure that our staff are well educated in the areas they are treating. We provide an educational allowance so that our staff may attend conferences and training programs.

We hire therapists from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, ensuring that professionals who share a similar background or speak the same language serve our clients.

We adhere to principles of equality, equity, and inclusiveness, enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for values that contradict these ideals.

Our commitment involves the promotion of respect, the fulfillment of promises, and a strong sense of personal accountability.

Our providers are dependable and responsible, following strong work ethics.

Our main goal is to provide excellent service.


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In the dynamic world of health care, the ability to convey findings and recommendations effectively is paramount. Dive into our interactive online course, “Effective Report Writing for Health Care Professionals”, and refine your skills. With a blend of theory and practical exercises, you’ll learn to craft persuasive reports that resonate, strengthening your relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Life Care Planners can earn up to 5.0 hours of accredited Continuing Education Units. Out of the 5 hours, 2.5 are dedicated to Ethics, as provided by ICHCC.

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