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Your Path to Recovery

At GLA Rehab, we recognize that each individual’s journey to recovery is unique. With a comprehensive array of assessment services and a commitment to quality treatment, we stand by your side from the onset of your recovery to the resolution of your claim.

Personalized Approach

We offer tailored treatments catering to your specific needs.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our team shows proficiency in handling traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord issues, orthopedic injuries, Dementia and more.


We offer services in various languages to ensure effective communication.

Track Record

We have years of experience delivering effective strategies for optimal rehabilitation and recovery.

Client Referral

Advancing Recovery Through Referrals

At GLA Rehab, we believe In the power of collaboration. If you’ve experienced the quality and dedication of our services firsthand, or if you believe someone can benefit from our expert rehabilitation services, make a referral!

  • Easy Referral Process
  • Enhanced Client Relationships
  • Assured Quality Care
  • Stay Informed on Progress

Voices of Recovery

Hear directly from those who’ve journeyed with GLA Rehab. Our clients’ stories are a testament to our dedication, professionalism, and effectiveness. Spanning diverse challenges to triumphant recoveries, their experiences offer genuine insight into the quality and compassion of our services.

Online Course

Elevate Your Report Writing Skills

In the dynamic world of health care, the ability to convey findings and recommendations effectively is paramount. Dive into our interactive online course, “Effective Report Writing for Health Care Professionals”, and refine your skills. With a blend of theory and practical exercises, you’ll learn to craft persuasive reports that resonate, strengthening your relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Life Care Planners can earn up to 5.0 hours of accredited Continuing Education Units. Out of the 5 hours, 2.5 are dedicated to Ethics, as provided by ICHCC.

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