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Apps that help: 3 Apps for Mental Wellness

Mental illness after trauma, such as a car accident, is very common. Depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are mental illnesses that can be debilitating and impact a person’s ability to function on a daily basis.

Part of managing and living with a mental illness is understanding personal triggers that escalate symptoms as well as strategies and meaningful activities that help with symptom management. There are numerous apps available that are designed to help manage and support mental wellness.

The following three apps were developed to help organize and track mental health symptoms as well as provide strategies and guidance to help manage your mental wellness on a daily basis.

  • Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker

Daylio enables you to keep a journal without having to write or type a single line. You simply pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day. Daylio collects recorded moods and activities creating statistics and a calendar that helps you to understand your habits and the influence of activities on your mood.

The app also allows you to create and track goals, share statistics (to help develop a more streamlined treatment plan), set reminders and see your moods and activities on monthly or yearly charts.

Daylio is a free app with optional in-app purchases.

  • What’s Up? – A Mental Health App

What’s Up? App utilizes cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment (ACT) therapy methods to help you cope with depression, anxiety, anger, stress and more.

The app highlights common negative thinking patterns and simple methods to overcome them as well as metaphors that help you cope with negative feelings. It includes a comprehensive diary, positive and negative habit tracker, goal setting, catastrophe scale, simple breathing techniques, a grounding game, as well as forums to speak with people who may be feeling the same way.

What’s Up? Is free with optional in-app purchases for donations only.

  • Youper – Emotional Health

Youper is a app that uses artificial intelligence (Ai) based on therapy and mindfulness for anxiety and depression. It empowers you to monitor and improve your emotional health through quick conversations based on therapy techniques and mindfulness.

It was created by a team of doctors, scientists and engineers which uses Ai to personalize various techniques to fit your needs. It incorporates strategies from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness along with other evidence based approaches.

Youper is free with premium features available through an optional paid subscription.

Along with our professional guidance and support, these apps can help you along your journey to better mental health.

Wishing you the best,

Team GLA Rehab