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Staying connected during COVID-19

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As we continue to care for our clients, we have started an informational blog to tell you all about it, which we named:


We ensured that our client could stay connected with her family and her treatment team.

By Lisa Hung, Occupational Therapist & Case Manager

Our client has been isolated in her home, which acts as a potential risk of a decline in her overall health status.

In order to continue working towards her goals and to minimize a decline in her health status, we requested an iPad for this client so that she can stay connected with her support system, including her family and her treatment team.

The insurance adjuster was very understanding and allowed the treatment team to provide the client with an iPad, so that she can continue her treatment virtually.

Today, we helped a client receive access to an iPad in order to avoid a disruption of treatment and stay connected virtually with her treatment team.

By Clementine Werdan, Rehab Therapist

A client of mine had been reluctant to use technology for virtual therapy sessions, as this was somewhat new to her.

During an outdoors therapy session with the client last week, she became more open to it as I explained to her the benefits of being connected to all therapy providers, her friends and to her family in the US.

Her ultimate acceptance came when I received a FaceTime call from my granddaughter (which I don’t usually take if I’m with a client) and she saw how easy it was to talk to others and see their faces.

I ensured the client that step-by-step instruction on how to set up and use the iPad and various applications would be provided and that her team of therapists would be working together to assist her.

With the client’s agreement to participate in virtual sessions, the Case Manager ordered an iPad for the client that should be received in the coming weeks.

The client is very excited for the opportunity to continue the care and to stay connected with both the treatment team and family members.