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What I Did Today For My Client #2

With the cooperation of insurers, we are making sure our client is able to remain physically active and prevent deterioration in her physical status.

By Daniel Leece, Occupational Therapist

Today, I helped my client adjust and adapt her workout routine to take place entirely at home. We made sure we used her physical activity and workout equipment.

Prior to the outbreak, she was attending the gym five times per week for exercise and stretching classes and was improving her physical function and mental well-being with daily exercises. Since the outbreak, her gym is now effectively closed and her physical activity routine was limited to 30 minute walks with her dog.

We researched options for exercise equipment that she was using in her classes. With the cooperation of her adjuster, we received written approval to proceed with approximately $250.00 worth of equipment that she has ordered.

Using this equipment, we are returning her physical activity routine to five times per week, in the safety of her home. Future OT sessions will review its safe use and her ongoing progression with her physical strengthening and conditioning.