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What I Did Today For My Client #3 – Online Courses And Web Design

Hello Everyone,

Are you having a tough time with feeling productive at home? This topic may help keep things purposeful and productive.

I helped a client stay on track with his return-to-work goals, by shifting his products selling business to online sales

By Hadassah Lebovic, Occupational Therapist

Before his accident, my client’s business required in-person involvement, as he sold novelty items at sports arenas and “prizes” to dental offices. Because of social distancing, he cannot return to this line of work in the near future.

Our virtual sessions now focus on using online selling ideas, to continue working towards the return-to-work goal.

The client has expressed an interest in developing a website for his business and we have therefore been exploring online courses related to web design and development, to help him learn the skills necessary to build his website.

We can do it virtually!

We connect once a week and decide on assignments for the next week. It gives the client a purpose. It gives him routine. He feels productive and has added meaning to his day!