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Taking Special Consideration for a Person with Disability in Estate Planning/Divorce Agreement

If you are an Estate Lawyer, Financial Planner or Family Lawyer, you may be hired by clients who are dealing with disability of one of their family members. The disabled person requires special considerations.

When there is a dependent person or a person with chronic illness in a family, such as a disabled child or any family member, there might be some obligations of the advisors of the Will or a separation agreement.

Our Certified Life Care Planners and Care Plan Managers have the expertise and experience to provide a professional opinion regarding a disabled family member’s current and future needs.

A Cost of Future Care Report, also called a Life Care Plan or Future Care Cost Analysis is completed by a Canadian Certified Life Care Planner (CCLCP).

It is used to outline the medical and rehabilitation needs and associated costs for an individual who has experienced long term and chronic healthcare needs.

It is a dynamic document that is based on published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, thorough research and interview with client and family, discussion with health care providers and rehab team, and data analysis.

Anticipating future needs involves estimating services, such as treatment, medications, assistive devices, housing needs, caregiving needs, assistance with self care tasks, assistance with housekeeping and home maintenance, transportation and other health care and non-healthcare expenses.

Life care planners can be an excellent addition to the team of advisors when planning an estate in such cases.

A Cost of Future Care Report provides the client, family, legal representatives and financial planners with a comprehensive outline and quantifies the client’s needs over a lifetime and the costs associated with accessing the treatment, services, and equipment they will require.

This can help with allocating funds when planning the estate or preparing a Will or with any need for future planning for health and medical expenses for a disabled person within the family.

We offer consulting services for companies that hold a Power of Attorney (POA) for finances for their clients, those who hold POA for personal care and those with no POA, who require our expertise to ensure that there is a future plan for health and medical care in place.

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