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Rehabilitation Day

Today is officially #RehabilitationDay in the City of Toronto! The city has decided to recognize the amazing and life-changing results that rehabilitation has on so many people.

Rehabilitation professionals have improved the lives of countless people with disabilities. It helps in overcoming dysfunctions in activities that many of us take for granted.

Through rehabilitation, many patients have been able to increase their mobility, improve cognitive function, reduced their disabilities and regain their independence in daily tasks, work and leisure.

#RehabilitationDay is about all the healthcare professionals that have dedicated their career to allow their clients and patients return to their optimal independence.

These professionals work in the fields of musculoskeletal injuries neurology, spinal cord, neurological illnesses and injuries such as stroke, MS, ALS, etc.

Rehabilitation is being provided by physiatrists, psychiatrists, neurologists, orthopedic doctors, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, nurses, social workers, case managers, respiratory therapists, psychologists, vocational therapist, rehabilitation therapists and many more.

Their hard work and patience are monumental to the rehabilitation of so many people.

Today please take the time and thank any healthcare professionals in the rehabilitation sector for their hard work and also those individuals who have fought and worked so hard for their independence and progress in their health journey.