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Suicide Prevention

As summer quickly comes to an end, so too do the long days and fun-filled weekends. Our days will soon become shorter and may involve the looming cloud of the second wave of COVID-19 casting over us. It’s hard not to feel blue.

Although this upcoming school year is changed and we might not see much contact sport activity in most schools, it is still wise to keep an eye on any sudden changes with people who have suffered concussions.

Concussion and repeat concussion have also been linked to suicide. We know that concussion is brain damage and it can present itself in many ways.

Reports have shown that those that have suffered repeat concussion, have experienced severe post-concussion syndrome, mood changes, lethargy, and personality changes.

Brain damage has been linked to poor impulse control and may result in the lost ability to resist suicide when experiencing overwhelming sadness or suicidal thoughts.

With the right treatment, support system and multidisciplinary teams, including physicians. Social Workers, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist, Rehab Therapist, suicide can be prevented.

Having a strong support system to help guide you through all the treatment and medication is important. Your rehab team can reduce your isolation and connect you with the proper help when you are at risk. #LetsTalk

Photo credit: Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik