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What I Did For My Client Today #7 – Helping a Senior

Written by Cindy Huang, OT

We helped our client to remain physically active, while isolated in a retirement home!

Our elderly client was involved in a severe accident that left her physically disabled. She has recently been discharged from the hospital to a retirement home as she could not go to live on her own.

Prior to accident she lived in her own home and was a very physically active person. She was volunteering and socializing within the community on a daily basis.

With tight restrictions at the retirement residence, she has not been able to see her family or have in person sessions with her OT and PT.

I have been keeping consistent communication with her through the phone to provide emotional support and developed strategies to keep her active in the meantime.

We were able to communicate with the insurance adjustor to provide the client with a peddler bike. She started exercising in her room and is very happy.

She is getting stronger, her stamina is improving and as a result, her mental health is getting better as well.